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A heinous crime like Rape questions the social-security we are provided. But at the same time, we look only for the ostensible causes of Rape(and other forms of gender-violence). The dominating cause of the crime remains almost invisible in our eyes, where our emotion plays an unintended role to hide that cause. After the ‘Delhi Gang Rape’ took place in 2012, the media took a stalwart part to publicize the [...]

(by Soumyargha Sinha, 2012) The real mystery about the famous (or infamous) Bermuda Triangle is that how it became a ‘mystery’ at all. The ‘orotund’ books and talkathons about the trinagle do astound us and coerce us to get at one with the proponents of the Bermuda-Trinagle Hypothesis. Some are in a fix whether to get convinced or not. What is the Bermuda Triangle de facto? Why is it always [...]

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. – Albert Einstein When it comes to the question of morality, some theists consider ‘morality’ to be their private-property. According to them, morality has only one source, and that is Religion. Without Religion, no one can be moral. Atheists are therefore, immoral. So, from where does this morality come? The [...]

In a colossal number of religious sites (they are quite gigantic in number), I’ve seen Atheism being referred to as a ‘belief’.  I believe that a go-through over the concept is necessary, if you are up to vilify (or to ‘debunk’) that certain concept. If you don’t know a bit about Darwin, and go on criticizing Darwinism basing on the points you think Darwinism says – the whole thing will [...]

“An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.” Marcello Truzzi   Most of the nations are at sixes and sevens. Most of the people (99%, according to the rebels) are victimized by socio-economic exploitation. Added to these, the distortion of political movements and the derailment of progressive thoughts. Search every nook and corner of the world and we will still remain unable to find all of the root causes of social-maladies (a [...]

According to the fringe-scientific concept of  ‘Astrology’, a human’s fate is determined by the celestial bodies. A large proportion of us accept this pseudo-scientific hypothesis. These people are usually apprehensive of unknown disasters in their life in the near future. But, there is a silver lining in every cloud. For that, the astrologers give their clients some periapts and stones. If the client wears a specific stone, he will be [...]