The Bermuda Triangle : A Fact or A Falsification of Truth?

(by Soumyargha Sinha, 2012) The real mystery about the famous (or infamous) Bermuda Triangle is that how it became a ‘mystery’ at all. The ‘orotund’ books and talkathons about the trinagle do astound us and coerce us to get at one with the proponents of the Bermuda-Trinagle Hypothesis. Some are in a fix whether to [...]

Does GOD exist? – When a goddamn atheist quetions God

“An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.” Marcello Truzzi   Most of the nations are at sixes and sevens. Most of the people (99%, according to the rebels) are victimized by socio-economic exploitation. Added to these, the distortion of political movements and the derailment of progressive thoughts. Search every nook and corner of the world and [...]

Comedy of Stones and Periapts : Frailty of Superstition

According to the fringe-scientific concept of  ‘Astrology’, a human’s fate is determined by the celestial bodies. A large proportion of us accept this pseudo-scientific hypothesis. These people are usually apprehensive of unknown disasters in their life in the near future. But, there is a silver lining in every cloud. For that, the astrologers give their [...]